5 Things I Hate About Being Obese

19 Jan

1. It’s so damn uncomfortable.

It makes logical sense – you become obese and everything becomes uncomfortable.  From trying to find the right sleeping position, to trying to run (ha!), to trying to cross your legs.  Everything is uncomfortable.  I won’t even get into the difficulty trying to wear jeans, or the fact that you sweat in the most inopportune places.

2. There are eyes everywhere!

I’ll admit, some of the staring eyes are probably in my head.   But some aren’t.  Some stare directly at me and snicker.  Some make actual comments.

Even worse was when I broke my ankle and had to ride on a motorized scooter at stores.  You know those people were thinking it was due to my weight.  No, thank you very much, it was due to my ankle.  And no, my weight had nothing to do with breaking my ankle.  I fell off a deck, twisted my ankle on the fall and snap.  I eventually got so sick of the attitudes that I walked around the store with my boot, grimacing in pain the whole time.

I wish people would realize that that there is a real person inside this weight.  Someone with feelings and emotions, just like you.  How would you feel if it your sister or daughter being picked on?  I somewhat expect it from teenagers, but adults?  Wow.

3.  Health issues

I’m not sure if obesity and immune system issues are related (I tend to think they are), but my immune system has been shot the past few years.  I’m constantly battling small things – like colds.  And if I don’t take the time to get better, I become even more sick.  And exhaustion 24/7.  It’s awful!  Especially when you’re running a business and you need to be alert and on the go at all times.

4. It changes you.

Ok, maybe not everyone – but it changed me.  I wouldn’t say I was ever the life of the party, but I didn’t have anxiety about going out.  Now?  Due to item #2 above, going out is a huge ordeal.  I hate the judgement.  I already judge myself enough each and every day.  It’s no fun having to deal with it from other people.

I miss being the person who loved to go out.  Loved to go to new places, do new things.

5.  L.O.V.E.

I know there are women my size who have found their perfect match and kudos to them!  I always hoped I’d find someone at this size – who loved me regardless.  Someone who would help encourage on my weight loss journey.  But that hasn’t been in the cards for me.  Probably related to item #4.  Let’s be real, there’s only so many people you can meet when you work from home and don’t go anywhere because of fear of judgement.


One of the things I’ve realized this go-round is that losing the weight is just one part of this process.  I need to do some internal work too.  I really shouldn’t care what anyone thinks of me.  I’m the only person whose opinion matters.  Do I want to get healthy?  Absolutely!  And of all the items above – the ONLY thing that should be pushing me is item #3 – my health.  I don’t want to die from being obese.

At the end of the day – my goal isn’t to look great in a pair of jeans or even to be able to wear a bathing suit again.  And PS – I’m not putting down anyone if those are your goals — they are GREAT goals!

I want to be healthy!  I want to be able to run!  I want to not be sick all the time.

The only perk that would be really nice is being able to sit comfortably in an airline seat.  Oh, and to be able to ride rides at amusement parks.

What do you hate about being overweight?


3 Responses to “5 Things I Hate About Being Obese”

  1. Steph Thompson January 20, 2014 at 1:33 pm #

    I don’t disagree with any of your statements. It’s sad that it is still socially “acceptable” to joke about a persons weight. Even if I had never been overweight, I would not joke about someone’s size. Being on the receiving end of those jokes and taunts, I know how much it hurts.

    You are right, it changes your self esteem and your lifestyle..it’s all intertwined. I too am looking forward to seeing you light up again and be the woman you truly are!

    • weightlossgal January 20, 2014 at 3:01 pm #

      Thank you so much Stephanie! It’s awful that is socially acceptable – and I feel that women get extra special judgment because we’re expected to look a certain way. I applaud women who stand up and say “enough is enough” when it comes to the taunts. I wish I had the strength to do that!

  2. attemptingconfidence January 20, 2014 at 7:02 pm #

    Wishing you well on your weight loss journey. Don’t give up! Getting started is so hard, and restarting is almost harder. (In my opinion) But you can do it!

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