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Bad Cheat Day

23 Feb

Let’s talk about cheat days, shall we?

CheeseburgerTo keep my sanity while I’m on my weight loss journey, I allow myself a cheat day.  It’s a day where I don’t count points (you know, to avoid having a heart attack when I learn what the points actually are).  I don’t go crazy on this day – I typically only have the one splurge.  Maybe some fruit or veggies for breakfast, but that’s it.  And then the evening comes and I splurge.

95% of the time, these splurges are SO worth it.  The food is melt in your mouth delicious.  And any stomach upset I have to deal with because I’m no longer used to eating those types of foods (sorry for the TMI!) … so worth it.

Until this past weekend.

I went to a national food chain for my big splurge.  Typically I eat a healthy crab cake meal at this establishment – but the heck with that, it was cheat day.

So I ordered a burger.  And not just any burger.  I ordered their top of the line burger.  No inferior burger was going to work for me on cheat day!  I’d never had this burger there and that was clearly my mistake.

The burger arrived and I was so ready to dig in.  This was going to be good … great … right?


Now I will fully admit I’m a burger connoisseur.  It has been my go-to food since I was a child and I swear I’ve eaten a burger at every food establishment I’ve ever been to.  So yes, I’m a bit of a burger snob.

But this one had ZERO taste.  The cheese was barely melted.  The tomato was unappetizing and the lettuce was wilted.

I ate it, because it was the only food option I had for the evening.

But man, what a WASTE of a splurge.  And I felt that way all weekend.  It was one of the few times where I almost said “the hell with this, I’m going to have a second cheat day!”  I didn’t, mind you.  But boy did I want to.

So now I know better for next cheat day.  If I’m getting a burger, only get one from somewhere I’ve had them before.  Where I know they’ll be so good that the cheat day is worth it. 🙂

Do you have a cheat day or a cheat meal?  Give me the scoop!

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