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A Bit Off

9 Apr

I should’ve known better than to post about how great I was feeling after a bad splurge on fast food while on a road trip.  Things have been a bit off ever since.

I haven’t counted points on my Weight Watchers tracker in two weeks.  Awful.

I haven’t exercised in at least three weeks.  Awful.

While I’ve been mostly good with what I eat (just not tracking) – I did cave and had Burger King the other night.  Awful.

I’ve been under the weather since my last post and I’ve always sought comfort when I don’t feel good in eating food that isn’t good for me.  I’m surprised it took me so long to cave and eat BK, actually.

The insane thing is I lost 3 pounds two weeks ago and another 2.6 pounds this past week.  WHAT?

I’m not applauding my bad weight loss journey behavior … but how odd to still be losing.

If anything – it’s a reminder that I need to hop back on the wagon before my body figures out what’s going on and the numbers on the scale start going the other way.

One good thing I have taken away from this two week break is that unlike other times, this hasn’t stopped my journey.

We all fall off the wagon sometimes.  We all have bad days, bad weeks … heck, I’m sure I’ll have a bad month at some point.

But the important thing is we get back on the road.  We get back to the task at hand which is getting healthy.

So here’s to getting back on the road!



A Reminder Why Fast Food is Bad (and Good)

18 Mar

I was in a pickle yesterday.  I was hitting the road to see a concert (had to drive 3+ hours each way!) and knew my food options would be limited on the road.  There wasn’t time to stop to eat at a restaurant and I was too crazy busy with work to plan an on-the-road packed lunch.  Could I have prepared better?  Absolutely.

But I knew I’d have to do it.

Fast food.

I haven’t had fast food in nearly two months.  Well, I do have Taco Tuesday’s from Taco Bell – but it’s in my points for the day and I don’t consider it fast food for some reason.  Strange, I know.

My Achilles’s heel has always been McDonald’s.  So it has been very important for me to stay away from the golden arches.  And I did so – until yesterday.

I got McDonald’s.

But here’s the kicker.  I didn’t like it.  A meal which used to be so satisfying was so not.  Even my greatest love – McDonald’s fries – wasn’t good.  I don’t think it had anything to do with McDonald’s.  Like going to a bad location.  I think I’m just over fast food.

The worst part was the feeling afterwards.

  • Feeling so full I wanted to throw up.
  • Feeling like my stomach had been stretched beyond belief.
  • And feeling SO exhausted.

I haven’t felt any of these things in relation to eating since I got back on Weight Watchers.  Even on my cheat days – when I don’t count points (but don’t go crazy).

I’m thankful I had the opportunity to give it a try.  Why?

I’ve realized I’m committed to this weight loss journey in a way I haven’t been before.  That may sound strange, considering I had fast food.  But instead of feeling awful, like I fell off some imaginary wagon – I feel good!  I’m happy I had the chance to try it.  And realize it’s not for me anymore.  I really have broken the love affair and that feels GREAT!

In the past when I’d fall off the wagon – I stayed off.  I felt like a failure and just said screw it and stayed off the diet.

But now?  I am 100% ON BOARD with this journey I’m on.  Every day isn’t going to be perfect.  I’m not going to lose weight each and every single week.

But each and every single day is a new opportunity for success.  And that totally kicks ass.

Five Things I Can’t Live Without During My Weight Loss Journey

11 Mar

We all have things that we need to get through our weight loss journey.  Below are just a few of mine.  What are yours?

1. Apples

greenappleI absolutely love apples.  Some people love the the sweetness of red apples, but I’m a girl who loves the granny smith kind.  I eat them plain or with a small dab of peanut butter if I need a bit of a protein kick.  What’s great is it fills me up for a while and my dog usually gets a bite.  Win-win for all!

2. Salads

You know how they always ask what’s one food you could eat forever – maybe on a deserted island – and not get sick of it? My answer is always salad.  I make what I affectionately call my “big ass salad” which has:

Lots of lettuce
Chick peas (for protein!)
Shredded Cheese (very small amount)
Bacon bits (also a very small amount)
Fat free croutons
Red wine raspberry vinagrette dressing

In total my salad is 13 points.  It’s larger than what I normally do for lunch … but it’s a great meal that totally fills me up until dinner time (no mid-day snacks needed).  Probably 70% of the salad is lettuce (I love lettuce!).  🙂

nibblers3. Snyder’s Of Hanover Sourdough Pretzel Nibbles

Let’s talk snacks.  I’ve never been a sweets person … but I LOVE pretzels.  And I love that these nibbles are relatively low in points if I’m looking for a quick snack.  16 nibblers (which is a generous handful, although I actually count them out) is 3 points.  It satisfies my need for something salty and is a quick snack so I can get back to my day.  Love them!

4.  My Garmin Vivofit and Walking Shoes

Eating healthy is just one part of the weight loss journey.  The other part is of course exercise.  I’m not at a weight yet where I can run comfortably – but I do love to walk.  I’ve had the same walking shoes for over ten years and they are still more comfortable than the new pair I bought a few years ago.

My Garmin Vivofit is an important part of my exercise plan.  I’m going to write a separate post about their goals vs. my own – but my Vivofit really helps keep me accountable.  Especially if I’ve been sitting at my desk too long (a downside of working from home).  I see the red bar and realize it’s time to get up and get moving for a bit.

5.  The Support of My Family and Friends

One of the most important things I’ve learned from my weight loss journey is just how important your friends and family are.  They can help give you a gentle nudge, remind you of the importance of your journey, be an exercise buddy or just someone to lean on when you need support.  I’m so thankful  for each and every one of them for their love and support!

Another Weigh In, Another Decrease & Cheat Days

20 Jan

cheatdayToday I weighed in and was excited to see more weight lost!  This week I was down 1.8 pounds … and I’ll take it!  I’ve still been really good with my points, and despite being a wee bit too indulgent on cheat day, I feel like I have things under control.

So what do you think of cheat days?

I LOVE THEM.  I learned during Weight Watchers attempt #1 that I had to have a cheat day or I’d go absolutely bonkers.  The only downside to the Weight Watchers program is the constant math.  Don’t get me wrong – I have no issue counting points.  But when you’ve made a home cooked meal – and having to do all the math so you can figure out how many points a serving is?  Oh yes, it drives me crazy.  Sometimes I need a break from that.

Why do I love cheat days?  I want to be able to eat out and not count each and every point.  I don’t go crazy – but it’s just nice to have a day where I don’t track.

The other benefit, especially because so many restaurant foods are now stored in the tracker (which means zero research), is that you just want to eat something that you just know is sinfully good.  And if you did look up the points, you’d have a heart attack – because that one meal out is probably your entire points for the day.

Sometimes we HAVE to live a little.  I’m not talking fast food (my Achilles heel) – but sometimes you just have to splurge.  I only do it once a week.

If I don’t do this – I find myself really resenting Weight Watchers and wanting to drop it.  Six days on … one day off.  It works for me.  I can eat without the guilt.  But I also have that little Weight Watchers voice in my head that keeps me in check.




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