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More Exercise Means Less Food? And Disney News!

9 Apr

So today was a big day.  I registered for the Disney 10k Marathon.  There was a cost associated, so you know I’m not backing out!  I’m somewhat nervous – I’ve never done a marathon before.  Who am I kidding – I’ve not run since high school.  That was almost 20 years ago.  But I know I can do this.  I have a feeling it’s going to be a pretty emotional run.  Not just the marathon and completing it – but because I’ll be 90 pounds lighter by the time I do it.  That’s a pretty big deal.

Have you run a marathon before?  Have any tips for a newbie?  I’d love to hear them!

39 weeks to lose 90 pounds.  That means I need to lose a little over 2 pounds per week.  It’s a must to reach my goal.  I can do it!

Today marked day two of hitting the pavement for a brisk walk.  I’m feeling good – I can feel it in my legs.  What’s even more interesting is my interest in food has dropped significantly.  Is that normal?  You work out more – you want to eat less?  I’ve barely eaten anything today – maybe 8 points?  And I’m feeling satisfied.  It’s a great feeling.



Combining Goals … Am I Crazy?

8 Apr

It’s no secret that my goal for reaching my target weight is to be able to go to Disney World and ride the rides.  I talk about it.  A lot.

Another goal I haven’t talked much about is participating in a marathon.  I can’t even imagine the body I have now being able to do that.  But once I’ve dropped a hundred pounds?  I think I could.  I know I could.

A few years ago, my mother talked about running a marathon at Disney.  Her sponsorships weren’t high enough and she ended up not doing it.  But what if I could?  What if I could get the sponsorships and do it?

I can’t even imagine how emotional it would be to run a marathon.  And then spend time at Disney enjoying the park.  I haven’t been there in 20 or so years.  And as silly as it sounds – that goal is what keeps me motivated on my weight loss journey.  I want to be there.  I want to ride the rides.  I want to be thin enough to be able to ride the rides.  To get over the embarrassment I felt a decade ago when I was too fat to get on an amusement park ride.  I want the shame I felt that day to be replaced with happiness.  Joy.

So the date is January 2014.  Can I lose 90 pounds by then?  That’s 9 months away.  Can I do it?

I think I’m motivated enough to try!

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