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A Reminder Why Fast Food is Bad (and Good)

18 Mar

I was in a pickle yesterday.  I was hitting the road to see a concert (had to drive 3+ hours each way!) and knew my food options would be limited on the road.  There wasn’t time to stop to eat at a restaurant and I was too crazy busy with work to plan an on-the-road packed lunch.  Could I have prepared better?  Absolutely.

But I knew I’d have to do it.

Fast food.

I haven’t had fast food in nearly two months.  Well, I do have Taco Tuesday’s from Taco Bell – but it’s in my points for the day and I don’t consider it fast food for some reason.  Strange, I know.

My Achilles’s heel has always been McDonald’s.  So it has been very important for me to stay away from the golden arches.  And I did so – until yesterday.

I got McDonald’s.

But here’s the kicker.  I didn’t like it.  A meal which used to be so satisfying was so not.  Even my greatest love – McDonald’s fries – wasn’t good.  I don’t think it had anything to do with McDonald’s.  Like going to a bad location.  I think I’m just over fast food.

The worst part was the feeling afterwards.

  • Feeling so full I wanted to throw up.
  • Feeling like my stomach had been stretched beyond belief.
  • And feeling SO exhausted.

I haven’t felt any of these things in relation to eating since I got back on Weight Watchers.  Even on my cheat days – when I don’t count points (but don’t go crazy).

I’m thankful I had the opportunity to give it a try.  Why?

I’ve realized I’m committed to this weight loss journey in a way I haven’t been before.  That may sound strange, considering I had fast food.  But instead of feeling awful, like I fell off some imaginary wagon – I feel good!  I’m happy I had the chance to try it.  And realize it’s not for me anymore.  I really have broken the love affair and that feels GREAT!

In the past when I’d fall off the wagon – I stayed off.  I felt like a failure and just said screw it and stayed off the diet.

But now?  I am 100% ON BOARD with this journey I’m on.  Every day isn’t going to be perfect.  I’m not going to lose weight each and every single week.

But each and every single day is a new opportunity for success.  And that totally kicks ass.


Day 11: A Little Cheat Does a Body Good?

28 Feb

As I’ve mentioned in my recent blog posts – the last couple of days have been a bit hard.  I’m an emotional eater, so when I’m dealing with things – I want to eat.  And not only do I want to eat – but I tend to lean towards foods that are not good for you.  Particularly fast food.

Knowing myself, I knew that the way to push through this was to satisfy the craving.  But the important part was that I had to stay in my points.  So after much research, I realized that the thing with the least amount of points was crunchy tacos from Taco Bell.  And they hit the spot.  The craving was gone.

I’m trying really hard to not eat fast food and to be responsible with my choices.  But I know eating carrots and apples wouldn’t have cut it.

I’m just happy I didn’t go over my points.  And I still haven’t touched my extra points for the week or my activity points.  So I’m hopeful a tiny cheat isn’t a terrible thing.

Here’s the food breakdown:

Breakfast: None

Lunch: Two Smart Ones (Weight Watchers) mini cheeseburgers (10 points)

Dinner: Crunchy Tacos from Taco Bell (21 points)

Snacks: Apple with reduced fat peanut butter (5 points), Popcorn (1 point)

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