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Wish I Was a Fan Of ….

3 Jun


Yogurt!  I know it’s a healthy alternative and great for the Weight Watchers plan.  But I just hate yogurt.  Have my entire life.

Every six months or so I’ll pick up a new flavor to see if by some miracle my dislike of yogurt has gone away.  For example, when I was younger – I hated onions.  And mustard.  Now?  I love them.

Tried again with yogurt today – a fun mix from Chobani – and I just can’t do it.  Even with a graham cracker texture … YUCH.

So I guess it’s back to the drawing board to find a healthy snack that will keep me away from things like pretzel nibblers and Weight Watchers chocolates.


Weight Watchers Foods – Where Are You?

13 Mar

Allow me to vent for a moment.

I’m a gal who likes simplicity.  If anything frustrates me about Weight Watchers – it’s making food at home.  Especially complex meals with a LOT of points to add up.  I was in a tizzy last night trying to make simple tuna fish.

I always do it – because I know eating fresh meals at home is the healthiest option.

But I do love when things can be made easier for me.  Case in point?  Weight Watchers items.  From cheese to snacks – they have everything you could imagine that’s already points calculated and ready to go.

My local grocery store – Harris Teeter – used to have a lovely display with all the Weight Watchers items you could want.  Not one week after I got back on Weight Watchers – the lovely display was gone.

No more bread.  No more desert items.  No more bagels.  Nada.

The bread is what I’m missing the most.  I remember it was quite tasty, as far as healthy bread goes.  And it was 1 point per slice.  Much better than the 5 points for 2 slices of whole wheat bread I’m eating now.

Anyone know how to track down that bread?  This Weight Watchers gal has to know!

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