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I’m in Love … With My Garmin Vivofit

7 Jul

vivofitI’ve been looking into fitness bands for months.  I loved the idea of something permanently stuck on my wrist that could help keep me motivated.  I heard a great deal about the fitbit and a few others, but after extensive research I went ahead with the Garmin Vivofit.  I own one of their sports GPS units and had always been impressed by their product.  The Vivofit is no different.

What I Love

  • It motivates me.  I run a business out of my home, so I don’t get out much.  If I’ve been sitting on my tush too long, I make a point to get up and move.  If I’m taking the dogs out, I’ll do some laps outside to get some steps in.
  • If I’m not moving, a red line appears at the top telling me to get moving.  I *hate* that red line – another motivator!
  • It tracks my sleep.  It has been fascinating to see what a restless sleeper I am.  Need to figure out how to sleep better!
  • Their mobile app is incredibly easy to use.  And it syncs via bluetooth in just a minute or two.
  • They’ve just teamed up with MyFitnessPal so that you can track your calories in the Vivofit.  Love it!

What I Dislike

  • I am not a person who typically wears a watch, bracelet, etc.  So having something permanently stuck on my arm sometimes makes me want to rip it off and never wear it.  Luckily that discomfort doesn’t last long.
  • Sometimes the counter seemingly stops.  I’ve noticed this in stores, especially.  Maybe a Wifi connection blocks the tracking?
  • It doesn’t track when I’m cutting the grass.  Which is a huge disappointment!  I assume the swinging motion of your arms when you walk is how this tracks steps.  Right?  When you’re cutting the grass, you have both hands firmly placed on the mower.  I’ve got a big yard, so the lack of tracking leaves me at least 1500 steps low for the day.

Do you have a fitness band?  What do you think of yours?

If you’d like to learn more about the Garmin Vivofit, here’s their site.

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