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A Few Words on Judgement

20 Feb


The first time I saw this quote – I had an “ah ha” moment (as Oprah likes to call them).  So simple – yet so powerful.  I’ve long let judgement from others define me.  They see an obese woman and make assumptions – some of which I’ve had told right to my face.  You’re too lazy.  You’re a fat ass.  You have no self respect.  You don’t care about yourself.

Judgement is a terrible thing.  In my opinion, you can’t judge someone until you’ve walked in their shoes.  Until you understand exactly the journey they are on in this crazy thing called life.  Do you know what underlying issues caused my weight gain?  How can you even begin to pass judgement when you don’t know me?  How can you treat me differently just because of how I look?  I’m still me – behind all this weight.

For so many years, judgement kept me from being open.  From sharing myself with others.  It kept me from forming friendships, relationships – you name it.  I’m not a shy person – but I’ve turned into a complete introvert.  And this is not me.

But Monday was the start of a new day.  Not only am I releasing weight – but I’m releasing judgement.  Judgement will no longer define who I am.  I am me – and people can take it or leave it.  If you don’t love me at my worst (so to speak, at 300 pounds) – you sure as hell don’t deserve to love me at my best (so to speak, at 150 pounds).

It’s that simple! 

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