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Seriously … Is There No Escape from McDonald’s?

29 Apr

I was browsing recipes tonight on WeightWatchers.com.  Lo and behold there’s an advertisement at the bottom of the page.

Really?  Is there no escape from McDonald’s?  Someone’s really testing my will power or trying to give me a message!



Now That’s Just Mean …

11 Apr

I’m a big fan of Michael Buble.  As some of my readers will recall, I was also a fan of McDonald’s.  And one sandwich in particular – the Big Mac.

I’ve not had a Big Mac in two months.  I’ve not talked about it, searched for it on Google or anything of the sort.

So why must this ad pop up while I’m listening to the new Buble song online?  Are the internet powers that be taunting me on a day where I’m struggling with willpower?  That’s not very nice, Mr. Internet.  Not very nice at all.


Hello From a Former McDonald’s Addict

19 Mar

If you knew the “old” me – you’d know that I had one addiction.  McDonald’s.  It’s so weird how we all have our vices.  My Achilles’s heel was McDonald’s.

Yesterday marked one month on Weight Watchers and a month and a day since the last time I had McDonald’s.  It’s hard to believe it has been that long.

Eating at McDonald’s alone is bad enough for your health.  But the sheer quantity of food I ate when I went there?  Terrible.  I’m actually too ashamed to write out what a normal meal was for me.

I can’t help but wonder if part of my success on Weight Watchers is simply from not eating at the Golden Arches anymore.

I have moments where I crave it.  The yummy fries.  A delicious Big Mac.

But then I remember how much better I feel being down 8 pounds in the past month.  How great it is to start making progress.  How I’m one day closer to my goal of going to Disney World.

And it makes it a little easier to skip the craving. 🙂

Goodbye McDonald’s

17 Feb

Today is the last day of my old life.  The one where I ate whatever I wanted.  And I think I said a fitting goodbye.

We all have our weaknesses.  For some people, it’s sweets.  For me?  Fast food.  And specifically McDonald’s.  It has been my comfort food for as long as I can remember.  I seem to recall stories about when I was a child – the love started early.  If I was screaming and crying endlessly, all they’d do is get me McDonald’s fries and I would be quiet.  So yes, it started early.

Today I said goodbye to McDonald’s.  While I know I can eat there thanks to the points system from Weight Watchers – I’m not going to.  I don’t want to be tempted to fall into old patterns.

Tomorrow the points tracking begins.  The smaller portions begin.  The exercise begins.

Is there ever a food you miss when you’re dieting?  What’s yours?

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