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My 3 Must Have Items While Dieting

21 Mar

One of the many things I love about Weight Watchers is that I can still eat the foods I love while dieting.  I’m part Italian and love pasta.  I can’t imagine being on a diet that cuts that from my eating.  With WW – as long as I stay within my points, anything is fair game.  And that’s the type of plan that works best for me.

There are three staples to my diet — all non-pasta – that I can’t imagine living without.  Here they are:

1. Apple with Peanut Butter

This is such a delicious treat.  I love granny smith apples without peanut butter.  But once I was back on WW, I knew a small dab of the creamy Jif goodness would help keep me on track with protein.  And boy is it delicious!  I have several apples each week.  Hope that saying about an apple a day keeping the doctor away is true!

2. Popcorn

I love this one-point treat.  It fills me up and helps with my tendency to want to snack in the evening.  I lean towards the Orville Redenbacher 94% fat free pop-up bowl kind.

3. My famous “Big Ass Salad”

Ok, so maybe it’s not famous.  But I *love* this salad.  It’s 9 points total, HUGE and a very filling meal.  Lettuce, cucumber, chick peas, fat-free shredded cheese, bacon bits, fat-free croutons and Raspberry Vinagrette dressing.  If I’m running low on points for the day – I’ll make this for dinner instead of something that is 17 or 18 points.  Still just as filling and it’s a favorite!

What are the staples of your diet?  The items you couldn’t live without?

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