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What Kind of Eater Are You?

25 Feb

Researchers say that each person fits a “type” of eater.  Some are reactive – they feel hunger, they eat.  Some do it out of habit.  Some do it to keep busy.  Some are emotional eaters.

I absolutely fall into the emotional eater category.  I know without a doubt that when I’m stressed or sad – I want to eat.  What has been interesting this past week being back on the Weight Watchers plan is knowing this fact, being aware of it, and not falling into to crutch of emotional eating.

I’m dealing with a few things today that in the past would’ve immediately found me running to the nearest fast food place to “get happy.”  Which is odd, because it NEVER makes you feel happy.  If anything, you want to kick yourself in the tush because you just ate a meal that is horrifically terrible for you.  The type of meal where you wonder if a heart attack may come in the next 15 minutes.  Why did I do that to myself?  It’s crazy to reflect on it!

Anyways – back on point.  Today instead of wanting to run to the nearest fast food place – I’ve found myself wanting to wrap up my work day and jump on the bike for exercise.  Instead of stuffing myself – I’m eager to burn off a few of these things weighing on me.  And that’s the much better way to go!

So here’s to exercise!

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