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My 4 Benefits of Walking

11 Apr

I started walking on Monday and kept it up for three days in a row!  A big accomplishment – considering I hadn’t started a real work out plan since getting back on Weight Watchers in February.  Part of the reason is getting ready for the Disney Marathon in January.  The other reason is because I know it’ll get me healthier quicker.

I had forgotten how wonderful a brisk walk can be.  Mine is made even more enjoyable because I have company – a wonderful neighbor.

But the benefits of walking are many:

#1 – It’s great to be outdoors, in the sun.

I work from home which means most days it’s hard to get me out the door to do anything.  When each hour you’re working translates to whether you get money or not – you’re more inclined to sit at your desk and work 24/7.  And while my blinds may be open letting in the sunlight, I’m not enjoying it.  As soon as I get outside – I’m reminded of how much I love being out there.

And better still?  I don’t bring my iPhone.  So I’m completely disconnected during my walk.  It’s such a welcome break-up to my day.

#2 – It helps clear my head.

If I’m having a crazy day – stepping away for a little bit really helps clear my head.  So I can come back to “life” and tackle whatever it may be.  It’s great!

#3 – It’s so invigorating!

Forget wanting to snooze through the afternoon.  As soon as I get in from my walk – I feel energized, refreshed and ready to go.

#4 – Of course, it’s great for my health!

I read somewhere that 30 minutes of exercise at least three times per week is important to maintaining your health.  This week my walks have ranged anywhere from 20 minutes (had a meeting I had to get back for) to 45 minutes.


Hit the Road, Jack

8 Apr

It’s so wonderful to have friends – and neighbors – who want to hit the road walking with you!  I posted on Facebook today that I was doing the Disney Marathon.  My neighbor (and friend) mentioned she’d love to walk around our neighborhood together.  No dilly dallying – we hit the road today!

It felt great to lace up my new sneakers – purchased a year ago with the intention of walking, but never doing it.  Today wasn’t going to be one of those days.  I met my neighbor and off we went.

It’s a beautiful and sunny day – and it felt so great to be outdoors.  In nature.  With great company and conversation.  Not only did I get a good workout – I cleared my head, didn’t think about work for 45 minutes and got to catch up with a friend.  Win-win all around!

Today was a great reminder of how much I love walking.  I’m excited to get back on a plan and make this part of my routine.

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